ScanContacts For HubSpot

As of February 29, 2024, the Scan Contacts for HubSpot service is no longer available. Speed your new contacts
into HubSpot
Free, accurate, quick business card scanner app

Easy contact uploads for busy
HubSpot CRM users

Accurate Card ScannerClear and user-friendly UITwo taps for complete digitization

HubSpot Gains New PowersExport the data to HubSpotAct quickly on new leads

Completely FreeNo use limitsScan all you want, and move deals forward

Use your iPhone or Android to scan business cards straight into HubSpot

Set your cards on a flat surface. Scan them with your iPhone or Android device. You can shoot up to 4 at once. Our proprietary OCR digitization process gives you superb 99% accuracy in sixteen languages. We also verify the addresses. Then you can edit the data (if necessary) and add the location and date you acquired the cards. Upload the data to your organization's HubSpot account and store it in your phone.

Go right to work on new contacts in HubSpot

All your scanned cards/contacts are instantly uploaded to HubSpot. You can then make further updates to these new contacts and move the buyer's journey forward. Cards to data to nurturing and selling – easy!

Your contacts are in your pocket

Scanned card data is also saved to a searchable contact list within ScanContacts. This gives you easy access anywhere, anytime. And you can export your contacts to your phone’s contact list.

Save time, increase opportunities with business card
scanning for HubSpot…


of business cards received by CRM
users are never added to the CRM


faster than manually inputting
data into HubSpot


saved monthly by the average
user vs. manual input

Absolute Privacy and Security

All communication between your devices and our server is encrypted. We’re not able to
identify any of your contact data. Likewise, we treat your scanned contacts as carefully as if
they were our own. And we do not sell or disclose this data to any third party.

Executive FAQ on the Best
Business Card
Scanner App

Who makes the app?

ScanContacts is made by Sansan, Inc., Japan’s leading provider of business card-based contact management solutions. Sansan is committed to turning encounters into innovation. Sansan’s a popular company in domestic and foreign media, owing to its unique solutions for companies and businesspeople. We use AI, machine learning, and deep analysis to facilitate communication and success.

Can the app be safely integrated with HubSpot?

Yes, it sure can. HubSpot allows the app to be carried on the HubSpot Marketplace, which is where you can download it. Not only that, Sansan’s namesake product, which creates a proprietary corporate database of business card assets, has a simple integration with major CRM and MA platforms.

Is my business card data secure? Can anyone else access it?

We maintain all business card data in a secure, consigned relationship with our customers. We do not disclose your data to any third parties. Security on your side is your and your organization’s responsibility. Scanned card data is uploaded to your organization’s HubSpot account, for which your organization sets the access permissions.